Sunday, June 16, 2019
Semen Production

5 supplements that can help with semen production

Orgasm, for a lot guys is the finishing moment of that blissful state. The result is ejaculation of protein-rich fluid that may contain semen.

Scientists have begun studying the health benefits of swallowing semen. A study published in Biology Letters have told that in certain species of animals, the female regularly chooses to eat the semen of the male because it’s highly nutritional. But is this true of humans? Reality speaking, yes. The typical male ejaculation fills a teaspoon and in that teaspoon, you get about 200 separate proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Nevertheless, the amount of semen that male ejaculates reduces as they age. Thankfully, there are supplements that are proven effective in boosting male fertility. Supplements have long been used to manage sperm health. Several studies have also reported improvements in sperm volume, mobility and pregnancy rates.

Here are 5 supplements proven to boost semen production;

Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important supplement for both men and women. It’s the B9 vitamin that’s very helpful in producing DNA and red blood cells that are essential for increasing sperm count in men.


Zinc plays an important role in the overall quality and quantity of sperm. It’s also known as a hormone balancer that is crucial for testosterone and prostate.

Vitamin E

This supplement is not only essential in protecting cellular health, but it’s also thought to improve sperm quality and motility, thus make the sperm more fertile in men.

Tongkat Ali Extract

Traditionally, it’s a known as aphrodisiac and now considered as one of the most effective way to stimulate libido and promote semen quality. Tongkat Ali extract when consumed regularly can improve erectile function and semen volume.


It’s a popular superfood that has long used to help balance hormones and treat infertility problems. Maca also helps with semen production by giving you long-lasting energy and preventing erectile dysfunction.

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